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Fishing Reports

March Permit
April 2013

A good start to April, all the bad weather seems to have passed. Winds were between 1 mph to about 10 mph, which is perfect conditions to chase permit, bonefish and tarpon. Even better if you have permit fever as this month is the best month for permit. Plenty of large schools were spotted and cast at. Permits are very challenging to catch. Many of the fish in the schools attempted to eat but several chased the flies to the boat, only to turn off at the last second. It was alittle frustrating seeing 20-25 pounders in a school as the permits were not up to our game of fly fishing. We didn't give up the fight to catch them as we waited for that magic moment of the day when we finally boated three 10 pounders in one day followed by two the following day and a couple more the days that followed. Before the month was finished we had boated 12 permits for the month of April. Along with the permits boated we caugh 10 jack crevalle, several bonefish anda few more attempts at tarpons. The month of April was super productive and the best month of the year so far!

March Jack Crevalle
March 2013

The month of March brought very challenging winds from 10-20 mph. however, we managed to fish on the leeward side of the islands. Permits were plenty, in big schools of about 30 to 50 fish in a school. Along with the permits were jack crevalle in huge schools as well, we couldn't refuse throwing some flies to them and we hooked up with six and boated two. One big jack crevalle inhaled the fly and fought for 22 minutes with the angler using a 10 weight Sage Rod. No permit were boated for about three weeks until finally we got a break to good weather when the winds calmed down in the final week. We had lots of nice shots placed at them but there were no takers. The permits chased the flies, but to get them to eat was a greater challenge. Finally we were able to boat a 5 pounder. My client was happy and felt rewarded with the catch. Besides the permit we caught several sizes of bonefish that weighed about 3 to 5 pounds. we also had a few casts at some tarpons, but again, they chased the flies but were unwilling to eat.